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Our mission

To be the best-preferred service provider of integrated warehouse smart solutions, calibration, validation, and BMS in the middle east market to enhance value to our customers.

Our vision
  • Create an innovative and lasting partnership with customers by providing continual improvement systems and services.

  • To serve customers by providing creative cost-effective services which will meet and exceed customer expectation.

Our values
  • Working towards 100% customer satisfaction by providing quality services.

  • Preserve the trust integration and accountability in our services.

  • We measure our success by value-added to customers.

Smart Warehouse Solutions Division


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System

The Temperature & Humidity Monitoring system monitors conditions for warehouse, storage units and other high-protection climate-sensitive spaces. It can help reduce excess customer fees due to damages caused by natural fluctuations in temperature or high humidity levels that can harm your stored items such as Medical drugs, Cosmetics, & Food

Environmental Risk Monitoring & Control System

Our Environmental risk monitoring system provides safety and monitoring for dangerous environmental hazards. With a system that provides an intelligent and economical approach to ensuring workers & Products safety, support for remote operations, & self automated respond actions .

Security & Anti theft Monitoring & Control system

Our Security & Anti theft monitoring system is made to serve as the first line of defense that protects your business property and its contents. It is capable of capturing images, monitoring entrances, and detecting motion through various sensors. It can even automatically contact you in case of an emergency. Automated control of doors & entrances , without needing any interference from other people in order to Secure the site.




Integrating BMS & Outdated monitoring systems with our up to date Monitoring Cloud

Skärpt W Cloud

Online temperature and humidity Monitoring & Control Cloud, That shows actual parameters from sensors as well as generate alert notices

Skärpt HUB

Skärpt Hub is compatible with over +100 IOT Devices, plus the ability to integrate more devices in which they communicate within the same local system

Calibration & Qualifications Division

  • Thermal Mapping

    Producing fast and accurate temperature mapping results guarantees your equipment and storage are ready to use and are supported by WHO, ISPE &SFDA compliant documentation.

    We offer a comprehensive and professional temperature mapping service to keep you fully compliant with the regulations and standards.

  • Calibration

    The laboratory is a quality-controlled environment with experienced personnel, trained in the proper operation of a broad range of equipment.

    All processes are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 international standards& All calibrations are traceable to NIS.

    We offer a range of calibration services including Temperature ,Pressure ,T&RH ,Data Logger ,Digital Balance ,Air Flow , Water Flow ,Closed Volume ,Tachometer ,pH Measurement ,Conductivity Measurement ,Time Measurement & Hardness.

  • Qualifications (IQ, OQ , PQ)

    Qualification (IQ): Establishes that the chamber is properly and safely installed.

    Operational Qualification (OQ): Verifies that the chamber consistently meets operational specifications such as alarms, and controls, and operates as intended.

    Performance Qualification (PQ): Verifies that the chamber consistently meets performance specifications.

    Power failure tests.

    Door Open tests.

    Temperature & RH Distribution tests.

    Temperature Penetration tests.

    Loaded and Empty Mappings.

  • Autoclave and Sterilizer Validation

    We are highly experienced with both EN 285 and CFPP 01-01 guidelines and will work with you to demonstrate sterility assurance.

    We also perform steam quality tests to verify dryness, superheat, and non-condensable gas in your clean steam supply We offer a range of calibration services including Autoclave ,Oven ,Tunnel & water bath.

Supplies Division

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